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Deleometer - Rotation um die ich-achse - LP

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I try to keep up with modern screamo as best I can but this German band totally passed me by when they were around, perhaps because as far as I can make out this 12" is the only thing they did and now they're gone. Having said that this is actually a very impressive release, albeit one that is noticeably indebted to their influences. The seven tracks here do have that 'euro' feel and reminds me of Anomie in places, and when they get it right boy do they get it right - the track 'Fachgerecht Planebnen' is the best moment on this record, featuring everything one might want in a screamo song in under 150 seconds. The other tracks, although not quite living up to that explosive opening, still have a bunch of good ideas going on, displaying their brand of 'screamo violence with a benign and tender core' (their words not mine). I guess perhaps a little more introspective than a lot of other bands of this genre but no less intense.

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