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Wishes on a plane - This Faint Line - 10''

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handcut and handfolded covers on paper with dents, handstamped with standard ink for the preorders and silkscreen ink for the normal version, stamped record labels, stamped booklets with lyrics, printed info sheet with liner notes. three songs at 19:30 min total. this 10" is kind of a concept record, the single songs don't have names and compile to one single piece of art called "this faint line", which is about personal issues, about being incapable of dealing with them alone, about wanting to deal with them alone, about being unable to help a person closer to you than anyone ever before, or being too weak to do so or using being too weak as an excuse and about helplessly watching that person slowly slipping through your fingers. into old habits. into someone else's hands. or into no one else's hands. it is a cooperation with SNCL (UK)

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