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Younger Us - Graustark - 12"

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Stuttgart hardcore punks Younger Us play pissed off music that is in turn stirring and cathartic. This is music that comes straight from the heart, music that cannot be faked.

Graustark is 22 minutes of fury that barely lets up with plenty of crunching riffs and screamed vocals for any hardened punk fan. It starts off following a more traditional hardcore route but throughout the course of the EP morphs into something much heavier.

Philophobia is the only song that lets up on the fury with a few choice melodic vocals. The contrast between the growled and screamed vocals and the melodic ones interloping works well in a way that adds to the track and at the end sees hoarse screaming until this fades into an ambient fuzz.

This ambient nature continues into the next track Ceremony but is quickly interrupted by some brutal singing and this continues throughout the EP, in fact as each song goes on, the band seem to get heavier and heavier with the likes of Voices coming on like an equally pissed off Unsane with plenty of slab like riffs, the atmospheric Phasm which reminded me of a hardcore version of A Storm Of Light or Amen Ra or in fact kind of like Neurosis when they first started crossed with Neurosis nowadays and closing track Morient (complete with an epic and atmospheric mid section that sounds phenomenal with the impassioned screams) finishing things off in a wail of feedback and the listener in a head nodding frenzy.

This is bleak music for bleak times and the fact that Younger Us get heavier as they go on makes me excited for a full length album from them. Superbly heavy and a superb EP.